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I like math
Kah Zon Hann, ADMIRALTY (Yesterday)

'Adelyaa Nazneen Binti Mohamed Salihin, MADRASAH ALSAGOFF AL-ARABIAH (Yesterday)

Monsworld is fun
Muhammad Sharqief Rayan Bin Baharudin, HUAMIN (Yesterday)

It is so fun!
Grace Goi En Qi (Wei Enqi), ADMIRALTY (Yesterday)

Monsworld is fun to play with.
Ashlyn Kok Xinru, ST. ANTHONYS (Yesterday)

Monsworld is my best buddy
Kaelyn Hoo Xin Tong, PALM VIEW (Yesterday)

The best website ever!
Kee Kai En Theodore, HENRY PARK (Yesterday)

Ang Mark Bryan, ST. GABRIELS (Yesterday)

Tan Le Tong, HENRY PARK (Yesterday)

Monsworld is really fun! :)
Shruthi Janavikulam, RIVERVALE (Yesterday)

In monsworld you can buy monsters!
Lim Liang Yu, ADMIRALTY (Yesterday)

Thank you monsworld for letting me play games and learn about math. i would like to say a big thank
Koh Rui Zhi, Ally, CHONGFU (Yesterday)

I like!
Judith Tan Xinghui, HENRY PARK (Yesterday)

Monsworld is so fun ! i love monsworld!
S Janani, YEW TEE (Yesterday)

Awesome! i enjoy doing this. some are challenging while some are easy
Aravind Neya, YEW TEE (Yesterday)

Monsworld is the best!
Lee Yu Fang, RIVERVALE (Yesterday)

This is fun
Ashley Ng Ke Han, CHONGFU (2017-04-25)

I like monsworld alot
Soh Yu Rou, HUAMIN (2017-04-25)

I like it
Alivier Tan Yi Xuan (Chen Yixuan), CLEMENTI (2017-04-25)

This is the best game ever
Huang Xinlei, HENRY PARK (2017-04-25)

Monsworld is the best
Tan Xin En, PEIYING (2017-04-25)

Su Thaddar Hlaing, BOON LAY GARDEN (2017-04-25)

The monsters are soo cool . yeah
George Benjamin Angelin Bertilla, ST. ANTHONYS (2017-04-25)

I like monsworld
Rafael Loh He En, ST. GABRIELS (2017-04-25)

I have 28 monsters! i have to buy 8 more monsters. more monsters please!
Teoh Zi Yu, CLEMENTI (2017-04-25)

I love monsworld! it helps me to learn more math.
Ophelia Ngu Zhi Qing, YEW TEE (2017-04-25)

I love monsworld
Ng Zi Yun Shantelle, RIVERVALE (2017-04-25)

I like to play monsworld!
Ang Shyan Tyin Charlene, CHONGFU (2017-04-25)

Wonderul !
Balakrishnan Akshath, HENRY PARK (2017-04-25)

Loh Hong Rui (Lu Hongrui), HENRY PARK (2017-04-25)

Monsworld is the best!
Mike Amadeus Santoso, PALM VIEW (2017-04-25)

I love monsworld
Rifa Adriana Binte Mustaffa, MADRASAH ALSAGOFF AL-ARABIAH (2017-04-25)

This game rocks
Loke Jun Yang, HENRY PARK (2017-04-25)

I just want to do this every day to night
Tan Hong Xuan Lance, ADMIRALTY (2017-04-25)

Amazing! luve it!
Chin Yi Jing (Chen Yijing), CHIJ ST. NICHOLAS GIRLS (2017-04-25)

C4 m.i.n.e.c.r.a.f.t vs monsworld(winner)
Savio Ong Zhi Sheng, CHONGFU (2017-04-25)

Monsworld helps us to learn math
Darren Marc Chetty, PALM VIEW (2017-04-25)

Definitely the best(and custest game)i
Wang Dingchen, ADMIRALTY (2017-04-25)

The game monsworld is extremely awesome!
Shaby Ankith, CLEMENTI (2017-04-25)

I love it !
Chua Joel, HENRY PARK (2017-04-25)

Challenging maths to complete! gym and races are fun too!
Leong Shu Ning Kyra, NANYANG (2017-04-25)

I like the monsters
Renee Tan Hwee En, ST. ANTHONYS (2017-04-25)

Monsworld is good
Lim Kai Heng, NANYANG (2017-04-25)

Very fun and benificial
Seah Ern Ray, HONG WEN (2017-04-25)

Soo fuun ii llovvee itt
Nathan Tay Yangg En, NANYANG (2017-04-25)

Qaisara Farzana Binte Sazli, YEW TEE (2017-04-25)

The website helps me to be engage to it as i could play games which can teach me maths
Tan Ooi Yee Phoebe, YEW TEE (2017-04-25)

Monsworld is very fun
Raphael Toh Hong Ye, CHONGFU (2017-04-25)

Monsworld is great i love love love it!
Lily Eaindra Oo, ADMIRALTY (2017-04-25)

Best website of all websites.
Liaw Ye Cheng Jerome, ST. GABRIELS (2017-04-25)

Epic game!thx
Foong Ren Xiang, ACS (JUNIOR) (2017-04-25)

I like monsworld very much !
Rey Quek Xian Rui, CHONGFU (2017-04-25)

Lol nice game but i want to buy the game because the monsters are so cute
Dalen Peh Peng Boon, CLEMENTI (2017-04-25)

Monsworld is very fun
Brian Yong Chong Hern, MAHA BODHI (2017-04-25)

I love mons world because it is fun
Teo Qi Xiang, ADMIRALTY (2017-04-25)

I love monsworld. everybody likes monsworid
Wang Zhihui, CLEMENTI (2017-04-25)

Nice website ever
Kong Jia Jia, HUAMIN (2017-04-25)

I love you monsworld
V S Mohamed Sharifdeen, HUAMIN (2017-04-25)

Eugene Lim Xue Kai, HUAMIN (2017-04-25)

We love it
Tan Siew Ling, Linda, HUAMIN (2017-04-25)

I like it
Ng Hai Rei, HENRY PARK (2017-04-25)

The monster are soo cute!
Nynappagari Durga Naga Sai, ANGSANA (2017-04-25)

Nur Syafira Shyzlin Binte Mohamed Noh, ANGSANA (2017-04-25)

Craven Ng, ANGSANA (2017-04-25)

Kevin Tan Yongzhi, NANYANG (2017-04-24)

Its fun!
Kong Qiyun, CLEMENTI (2017-04-24)

I learned many things( and really many) and also had fun
Dominic Cheong Wei Zheng, PEIYING (2017-04-24)

It is very fun it helps me to charge my brains.
Chew Yu Huan, YEW TEE (2017-04-24)

I love it and thank you for teaching me
Chay Su Min Chloe (Xie Simin), CLEMENTI (2017-04-24)

Monsworld is amazing this game is like teaching me maths!
Nurfella Zara Binte Muhammad Faidzal, HENRY PARK (2017-04-24)

I love monsworld
Tan Yue Feng, HENRY PARK (2017-04-24)

Best game everr! awsome ! i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vera Oh Yu Xun, CHONGFU (2017-04-24)

I love monsworld
Veron Oh Yu En (Hu Yu'en), CHONGFU (2017-04-24)

Monsworld has helped me to improve on my maths. it makes learning maths fun!
Hannah Yasmin Binte Herman, PEIYING (2017-04-24)

Zhuang Yuwei, Darrius, RADIN MAS (2017-04-24)

Good job
S Shruthi, CLEMENTI (2017-04-24)

I love monsters and monsworld
Elliot Tan Yi En, RIVERVALE (2017-04-24)

I like monsworld because i can learn a lot of maths and i can get good marks for exam.
Karin Choo Xin Hui, RIVERVALE (2017-04-24)

Adlyna Naymie Binte Aimi Rizal, ADMIRALTY (2017-04-24)

Tan Si Ming Scott, KONG HWA (2017-04-24)

This is like so awesome love monsworld wooo hoo
Tay Jia Sheng, CHONGFU (2017-04-24)

I love monsworld!
Kimberly Lau En Xue, CHIJ (KELLOCK) (2017-04-24)

John Lee Meng Rui, ST. ANTHONYS (2017-04-24)

Good morning good afternoon good evening and good night monsworld
Ignatia Teresa Kua, MARYMOUNT CONVENT (2017-04-24)

Monsworld is awesome and fun!
Sioson Janelle Kayla Cabato, PALM VIEW (2017-04-24)

Mons world is awesome!
Lee Yong Hui, Advin Xavier, PUNGGOL (2017-04-24)

I like it !
Ng You Rong, CLEMENTI (2017-04-24)

Jarreth Eng Rui Tjie, HUAMIN (2017-04-24)

I love this! :)
Neo Rui Hian Winston, RIVERVALE (2017-04-24)

I feel that monsworld is fun and i get to learn math my math is improving
Lim Kher Woon (Lin Jia'en), Jamie, CHONGFU (2017-04-24)

I like this game
Soh Jing Xiang Xander, RIVERVALE (2017-04-24)

So good
Yip Chee Hoi, CHONGFU (2017-04-24)

It fun as i can learn
Wong Chun Kit, YEW TEE (2017-04-24)

I like all my monsters and friends.
Golden Lam Jin Tian, HENRY PARK (2017-04-24)

Olsen Christian Handryanto, ANGSANA (2017-04-24)

Monsworld is so fun
Justin Tock Jun Ming, PALM VIEW (2017-04-24)

Love love love love love love love love monsworld!
Wee Chuan Jie, ST. GABRIELS (2017-04-24)

Like pokemon go.
Yeong Xuan Ni Tiffanie, CLEMENTI (2017-04-24)

I like monsworld alot
Anna Aaditya, CHONGFU (2017-04-24)

Wang Jie En Justin, RIVER VALLEY (2017-04-23)