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Nice game and very creative and encourages kids to play while learning
Wong Hong Yi, HENRY PARK (Yesterday)

Better play it at christmas!
Christine Tsoi, CHIJ OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE (Yesterday)

Too cool
Or Kang Xing, Elvin, ST. ANTHONYS (Yesterday)

I like this!
Lucas Liew Xuan Wei, HENRY PARK (Yesterday)

I love monsworld
Ke Xiangxiang, CHONGFU (Yesterday)

Monsworld"s the best! i improved on maths for p5! thank you
Goh Yi Xuan, PALM VIEW (Yesterday)

I love monsworld
Goh Yi Jie, PALM VIEW (Yesterday)

Bbbeeesssttt wwweeebbbsssiiittteee eeevvveeerrr !
Tristin Neo Yuxin, ADMIRALTY (Yesterday)

Elizabeth Chin Hui En, CHONGFU (Yesterday)

I like playing the games
Kannan Mugunthan, ST. ANTHONYS (Yesterday)

So cooll =)
Chong Qin Ni, ST. ANTHONYS (Yesterday)

This game is the greaatest
Gauri Madhu, YEW TEE (Yesterday)

So fun
Ong Jia Rui Rise, PALM VIEW (Yesterday)

I like it! its like learnlogy
Theophilis Isis Ansari, CHIJ OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE (Yesterday)

I looove monsworld so much
Ng Ruo Xi, HUAMIN (Yesterday)

Visswa Devan, YEW TEE (Yesterday)

I love monsworld actually lah
Zechariah Suripin Sun Yisheng, ACS (JUNIOR) (Yesterday)

I love the game. it includes real games and mathamatics problems sum and all.
Chan Hui En Katelyn, CLEMENTI (Yesterday)

Great game
Ryan Chua Ding Xun, YEW TEE (Yesterday)

Monsworld goo
Raveendran Krishaa, HENRY PARK (Yesterday)

Xavier Yow Xuan Wei, ADMIRALTY (Yesterday)

How can i be on the fame
Yeo Tian En, Kaden, HENRY PARK (2017-06-27)

I love monsworld
Sanjeevan Kumar, HUAMIN (2017-06-27)

I enjoy this game
Azadeius Rahardja, NANYANG (2017-06-27)

So fun
Lee Ming Nan, CHONGFU (2017-06-27)

This game is fun
Tan Xin Ning Stella, RIVERVALE (2017-06-27)

Wonderful monsworld
Das Arman, YEW TEE (2017-06-27)

Love monsworld the best maths website to study
Beatrice Ngoei Wen Yue (Wei Wenyue), PALM VIEW (2017-06-27)

Pretty fuun
Kulothungan Sreecharan, YEW TEE (2017-06-27)

Lin Jingheng, Louis, HONG WEN (2017-06-27)

Ng Yu Heng, Aaron, CHONGFU (2017-06-27)

It is cool
Matthew Alexander Bong, ST. GABRIELS (2017-06-27)

Harshini Haridoss, RIVERVALE (2017-06-27)

It was very fun and it will improve my math
Dylan Teng Joon Siang, CHONGFU (2017-06-27)

The game so fun!
Tan Javier, HENRY PARK (2017-06-27)

Monsworld makes people who hate maths love maths as there are games and you can even tset your mq w
Minoli Mishra, PALM VIEW (2017-06-27)

I like the things on monsworld
Lee Yu Heng, CHONGFU (2017-06-27)

This game is very challenging
Tan Wen Hao, CLEMENTI (2017-06-27)

I really like your monster
Chan Ting Xuan Ariel, CHONGFU (2017-06-27)

My class 3c really like your game !
Chia Kang Ying (Xie Kangying), ADMIRALTY (2017-06-27)

Monsworld is a good place to study online :)
Woon Hui Qi, PEIYING (2017-06-27)

Ilike your game
Xavier Lee Zheng Ze, ST. ANTHONYS (2017-06-26)

I like you monsworld
Tok Yan Qi, CHONGFU (2017-06-26)

Whenever someone asks me what is my favourite game i will say it
Teoh Zi Yu, CLEMENTI (2017-06-26)

The exercises and the races are very interesting. i just started today. couldn
Saravanaraj Shaswath, ANGSANA (2017-06-26)

Wang Jianjia, CHONGFU (2017-06-26)

Nice game!
Jayden Pay Junxi (Bai Junxi), ST. ANTHONYS (2017-06-26)

Bravo joshua ! stay focused and have a structured approach when solving the problems. do not rush th
Joshua Michael Goutama, ACS (JUNIOR) (2017-06-26)

Monsters today
Lu Shengbo Ethan, ADMIRALTY (2017-06-26)

I got all the monsters!
Teo Jun Heng, HENRY PARK (2017-06-26)

I want more money more power more hearts more potion
Zachary Low Zhi-En, HENRY PARK (2017-06-26)

It is really fun
Dhruv Rangarh, ST. GABRIELS (2017-06-26)

Tan Hong Yi, PALM VIEW (2017-06-26)

Luo Jia Yi, ST. ANTHONYS (2017-06-26)

Very goodd!
Elliot Tan Yi En, RIVERVALE (2017-06-26)

I need more potion.
Isaac Goh Xuan Qi, ACS (JUNIOR) (2017-06-26)

Love the monsters!they are soo cute
Ng Ruo Yun, HUAMIN (2017-06-26)

Me want that
Angela Seow Wei Wei (Xiao Weiwei), YEW TEE (2017-06-26)

It is so fun. i like it.
Cheng Ya Hui, BOON LAY GARDEN (2017-06-26)

It is so fun.i like it.
Cheng Ya Ying, BOON LAY GARDEN (2017-06-26)

Mos world is fun!
Thong Cui Xuan, CHONGFU (2017-06-26)

Fun learning!
Thong Cui Yun, CHONGFU (2017-06-26)

I loove monsworld
Tanusha Panchalinga, PEIYING (2017-06-26)

I love monsworld
Sathish Sanjith Nithish, YEW TEE (2017-06-26)

Monsworld is a good practice for everyone!
Isabelle Loe, ADMIRALTY (2017-06-26)

Wow monsworld is really very fun
Ryan Tay Rui Yang, ACS (JUNIOR) (2017-06-26)

I like it
Josiah Chan Yi Hong, NANYANG (2017-06-26)

You look impressive in your challenging questions!
So Ying Yi, YEW TEE (2017-06-26)

I like this game cause itz fun and it helps me with my math! :3
Low Si Qi, RIVERVALE (2017-06-26)

Monsworld is so fun
Cason Yee Jit Shen, YEW TEE (2017-06-26)

I love it because it is fun to hatch the egg
Chay Su Min Chloe (Xie Simin), CLEMENTI (2017-06-26)

Monsworld is so fun
Nicholas Ong Tze-Yen, HENRY PARK (2017-06-26)

I love this game
Isaac Joshua Ang Kai Yi, ST. ANTHONYS (2017-06-26)

Monsworld is fun !
Li Xinyi, CLEMENTI (2017-06-26)

I love monsworld because it is fun. however, i have too little potion! : d haha
Jacie Wong Shi Jie, RIVERVALE (2017-06-26)

I like monsworld! ;)
Soh Zhen Yong, HUAMIN (2017-06-26)

Thank you monsworld!
Tiong Bao Wen, HUAMIN (2017-06-25)

I love mons world
Darius Yong Han Yong, PALM VIEW (2017-06-25)

Seow Ka Kai, Jovan (Xiao Jiakai), CHONGFU (2017-06-25)

The monsters are so cute!
Toh Xinru Iris, PALM VIEW (2017-06-25)

I love monsworld, i improved my maths alot!
Liew Xuan Ru, PEIYING (2017-06-25)

I love monworldd lovee:)
Kee Jia En Trina, HENRY PARK (2017-06-25)

Good !
Boey Alicia, PALM VIEW (2017-06-25)

Very fun ! like pokemon!
Yeong Xuan Ni Tiffanie, CLEMENTI (2017-06-25)

Its fun to play while learning math.
Tay Shun Xin Valerie, CHONGFU (2017-06-25)

Yellow team please play sprint
Zeng Haoyang, Justin, HENRY PARK (2017-06-25)

Momsworld is good because you get to have fun and study too!
Lanice Lim Chia En, ADMIRALTY (2017-06-25)

Tan Jun Hee, ADMIRALTY (2017-06-25)

Very fun and a lot of interesting practises
Kudiyarasu Kevin, ST. ANTHONYS (2017-06-25)

I want more stars, dollar coins, powers, loves and potions !:):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
Leo Goh Li Seh, ST. GABRIELS (2017-06-25)

This is a very fun game
Caleb Kang Le Heng, CLEMENTI (2017-06-25)

I like monsworld..
Eason Yar Choon Kiat, ST. ANTHONYS (2017-06-25)

Monsworlds questions are very helpful and the games are very fun too!
Sahu Sanvi, PALM VIEW (2017-06-25)

Monsworld is the best :)
Steve Andrews Anthony Prasad, ST. ANTHONYS (2017-06-25)

The work id very useful for school and is also very interesting. good job monsworld :)
Edgar Teo, ACS (JUNIOR) (2017-06-25)

Monsworld is great
Ker Heng Kai, HENRY PARK (2017-06-25)

I improved in my maths!❤️
Aurelia Soon Yi Xuan, HENRY PARK (2017-06-25)

Monsworld is the best mathematics in the whole world, even though it is bad.
Mok Jun Kai, PUNGGOL (2017-06-24)

Monsworld is the best mathematican
Muraleetharan Ebhanan, CHONGFU (2017-06-24)

Helps me improve!
Liang Yuying, CHONGFU (2017-06-24)