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I love monsworld!
Chelsea Chen Ziying, CHONGZHENG (Today)

Monsworld is the best game
Cheng Heng Kent, CLEMENTI (Today)

I love you!
Ng Wai Yan, Nadja (Wu Hui'en), HENRY PARK (Today)

Very fun
Jarren Koh Yitao, ST. GABRIELS (Today)

I love is like playing games,it make me like maths more!i love maths now!
Lee Hui En, YEW TEE (Yesterday)

I love monsworld
Lynette Lek Rui Ying, YEW TEE (Yesterday)

I am good at math now
Giam Li You, ST. ANTHONYS (Yesterday)

I love monsworld
Venkateswaran Rithika, YEW TEE (Yesterday)

It is because i wish to have a lot of things.
Alivier Tan Yi Xuan (Chen Yixuan), CLEMENTI (Yesterday)

I like the jog and the star
Lika Wijaya, CLEMENTI (Yesterday)

:):):):):):):):):):):):) happy faces :):):):):):):):):):):)
Ng Yu Min, HUAMIN (Yesterday)

Best !
Ng You Rong, CLEMENTI (Yesterday)

Chan Yin Lam Stephanie, YEW TEE (Yesterday)

Nice app! very addictive
Meng Zhanfei Jeffrey, HENRY PARK (Yesterday)

Very good
Loh Hong Rui (Lu Hongrui), HENRY PARK (Yesterday)

This is the best website to do maths
Ang Shyan Tyin Charlene, CHONGFU (Yesterday)

Monsworld is the best for learning
Joanne Tan Wei-Ling, HENRY PARK (Yesterday)

I have never seen a game like this before
Raphael Toh Hong Ye, CHONGFU (Yesterday)

Kwek Yi Ting Rachel (Guo Yiting), YEW TEE (Yesterday)

Monsworld is the best
Sheena Yap Li Xuan, ST. ANTHONYS (Yesterday)

Thank you mosworld i love you:)
Choo Jia Mei (Xu Jiamei), CHIJ OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE (Yesterday)

Monsworld are good for all the children and parents and it is awesome
Nur'anaqi Enaufal Bin Nur Azhar, PEIYING (Yesterday)

Nice game!
Ang Ming Wei, Aidan, HENRY PARK (Yesterday)

Outstanding website
Tan Jia Yun, HENRY PARK (Yesterday)

I like my monster very much because u all are very cute
Hoo Tzi Xuen, CLEMENTI (Yesterday)

I like the game
Lael Ya Yan En, HUAMIN (Yesterday)

I like this mons world
Nur Batrisyia Binte Roslan, RIVERVALE (Yesterday)

Its easy and fun to play
Mike Amadeus Santoso, PALM VIEW (Yesterday)

Nice game foreverr
Dalen Peh Peng Boon, CLEMENTI (Yesterday)

I love monsworld
Darius Yong Han Yong, PALM VIEW (Yesterday)

I like monsters!
Boon Hao Yi (Wen Haoyi), RADIN MAS (Yesterday)

I love monsworld
Mirelle Chia Ze Ann, CHONGFU (Yesterday)

I like to play races after doing my homework
Wang Zhihui, CLEMENTI (Yesterday)

I like it
Yeo Kai Jun Michael, HENRY PARK (Yesterday)

Fun and cool
Louise Lek Rui Min, YEW TEE (Yesterday)

Very good!
Yuri Ng Ying Xin (Huang Yingxin), YEW TEE (Yesterday)

I love monsworld
Kassey How Kai Shi, HUAMIN (Yesterday)

Very good
Matthias Poh, PALM VIEW (Yesterday)

Monsworld is like where you inprove your math
Low Bao Shen, ADMIRALTY (2017-04-27)

I like monsworld very maech
Wu Hao Yang, YEW TEE (2017-04-27)

Monsworld 4 life!
Liew Yan Hon (Liao Enkang), CLEMENTI (2017-04-27)

It is very cool
Choong Sin Yew (Zhong Xinyao), NANYANG (2017-04-27)

Monsworld =bestwebsiteever!
Zoe Li Tze Lam, HENRY PARK (2017-04-27)

Whatever this monsworld is the best!
Xavier Yow Xuan Wei, ADMIRALTY (2017-04-27)

Monster word is cool!
Zachary Low Zhi-En, HENRY PARK (2017-04-27)

I like monsworld
Leng Kane Han, PALM VIEW (2017-04-27)

:) i love moonnnsswwoorrlldd !
Vasundhara Mishra, RIVERVALE (2017-04-27)

I loove monsworld! thanks alot!
Elisa Binte Hairi, YEW TEE (2017-04-27)

Monsworld is amazing and fun!
Sioson Janelle Kayla Cabato, PALM VIEW (2017-04-27)

I love my monstsers
Kendric Kong Enhong, CHONGFU (2017-04-27)

This is really fun to play
Lee Jie, Brendon, ST. ANTHONYS (2017-04-27)

I like monsworld too much
Ian Sim Yi an (Shen Yi'an), CHONGFU (2017-04-27)

Nice monsters!
Tan Le Tong, HENRY PARK (2017-04-27)

Best game ever
Grayson Niu Ziyuan, CHONGFU (2017-04-27)

I love it
Tan Wei Lin, HONG WEN (2017-04-27)

I like monsword
Effie Lu Yu Rou, CLEMENTI (2017-04-27)

Good practise platform
Bobby, Li Lang Xuan, CLEMENTI (2017-04-27)

I love monsworld
Lincoln Lee Hao-Yu, ST. GABRIELS (2017-04-27)

I like the games that monsworld have
Zave Ya Ze Xuan, HUAMIN (2017-04-27)

Tong Hui Yi, ADMIRALTY (2017-04-27)

It is very fun :)
Shruthi Janavikulam, RIVERVALE (2017-04-27)

Well done ! monsworld!
Tan Ooi Yee Phoebe, YEW TEE (2017-04-27)

Things are going better!
Cerise Lim Le Yi (Lin Leyi), CHONGFU (2017-04-27)

Good monsters
Rayyan Bin Shafit, HUAMIN (2017-04-27)

Muhammad Sharqief Rayan Bin Baharudin, HUAMIN (2017-04-27)

I love monsworld love love love monsworld !
Yeo Si Hui, HUAMIN (2017-04-27)

I love monsworld! love love love monsworld
Soh Yi Lin, Serena, HUAMIN (2017-04-27)

I love monsworld!
Lacsamana Rachel Kim De Guzman, HUAMIN (2017-04-27)

Monsworld is great
Poh Yu Hung Isaac, HUAMIN (2017-04-27)

Monsworld is fun,i like monsworld
Soh Zhen Yong, HUAMIN (2017-04-27)

I love monsworld i will never quit playing
Sheldon Wong Xin Ying, HUAMIN (2017-04-27)

I improve because of learnlogy.tq
Nurulhuda Binte Ismail, MADRASAH ALSAGOFF AL-ARABIAH (2017-04-26)

Du Yulin, ST. ANTHONYS (2017-04-26)

I need more potions please give me another activity to do. so we can get potions everyday
Hayden Png Kun Siang (Fang Junxiang), ADMIRALTY (2017-04-26)

No others is better than monsword
Hou Jiacheng, CHONGFU (2017-04-26)

Omg i did alot of correction : [
Su Thaddar Hlaing, BOON LAY GARDEN (2017-04-26)

This is good
Dexter Ng, OTHERS (2017-04-26)

Very interesting monsters!
Li Xi Ying Sapphire, ADMIRALTY (2017-04-26)

I should do this evevryday in my life!
Phone Mon Soe, BOON LAY GARDEN (2017-04-26)

I like math
Kah Zon Hann, ADMIRALTY (2017-04-26)

'Adelyaa Nazneen Binti Mohamed Salihin, MADRASAH ALSAGOFF AL-ARABIAH (2017-04-26)

It is so fun!
Grace Goi En Qi (Wei Enqi), ADMIRALTY (2017-04-26)

Monsworld is fun to play with.
Ashlyn Kok Xinru, ST. ANTHONYS (2017-04-26)

Monsworld is my best buddy
Kaelyn Hoo Xin Tong, PALM VIEW (2017-04-26)

The best website ever!
Kee Kai En Theodore, HENRY PARK (2017-04-26)

Ang Mark Bryan, ST. GABRIELS (2017-04-26)

In monsworld you can buy monsters!
Lim Liang Yu, ADMIRALTY (2017-04-26)

Thank you monsworld for letting me play games and learn about math. i would like to say a big thank
Koh Rui Zhi, Ally, CHONGFU (2017-04-26)

I like!
Judith Tan Xinghui, HENRY PARK (2017-04-26)

Monsworld is so fun ! i love monsworld!
S Janani, YEW TEE (2017-04-26)

Awesome! i enjoy doing this. some are challenging while some are easy
Aravind Neya, YEW TEE (2017-04-26)

Monsworld is the best!
Lee Yu Fang, RIVERVALE (2017-04-26)

This is fun
Ashley Ng Ke Han, CHONGFU (2017-04-25)

I like monsworld alot
Soh Yu Rou, HUAMIN (2017-04-25)

This is the best game ever
Huang Xinlei, HENRY PARK (2017-04-25)

Monsworld is the best
Tan Xin En, PEIYING (2017-04-25)

The monsters are soo cool . yeah
George Benjamin Angelin Bertilla, ST. ANTHONYS (2017-04-25)

I like monsworld
Rafael Loh He En, ST. GABRIELS (2017-04-25)

I have 28 monsters! i have to buy 8 more monsters. more monsters please!
Teoh Zi Yu, CLEMENTI (2017-04-25)

I love monsworld! it helps me to learn more math.
Ophelia Ngu Zhi Qing, YEW TEE (2017-04-25)